Funny Sms Of The Day

Garmi Mai Load Shedding Ka Sab Se Bara Faida.

Shaam K Time MuhaLay ki Bachhiyan Chhat Pr Aa Jati Hein.


) ( 0y Hoy kya

/”> Bachi Hy

Thank U Wapda,

Kamran Akmal SMS

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday

to dear friend Ros Taylor.

I’ve dropped your catches as birthday gift.

Hope you like it.

From: Third Class Wicket Keeper

Kamran Akmal

Facts Abt Me

Facts Abt Me:

Einstien Copied My Eqn E=Mc2

Bill Gates Was Asking For A Xp Cd Frm Me

When I Threw An Apple On Newton He Knew Abt Gravity

Rona Is Baat Ka Hai k Rona Nahi Aata

Rona Is Baat Ka Hai k
Rona Nahi Aata

Wo Paaye ga Kia Jisey
Khona Nahi Aata

Wo Ganda Tha Ganda
Hai Aur Ganda Rahe Ga

Jisey POTTY krne K
Baad Dhona Nahi Aata … ;->

“Mohabbat” Judaai Main Rung

Lati Hy
Judaai Main Rung

16 Da
Tey 12 Da
“Tarang” … ;->

Way Gujra Way … ;->

Ek Intihai
Adbi Sher Arz Hy

“Alif” “Bey “Pey”






“Alif” “Bey “Pey”








Way Gujra Way
Way Gujra Way … ;->


wife is mostly in the kitchen

Man 1- I notice dat Ur
wife is mostly in the
Probably she loves
cooking many varieties

Man 2- No! Actualy our
Telefone connection is
in the kitchen ;->

Law Of Gravity Explains

As You All Know The
Law Of Gravity Explains
Why V Stay On Earth … !

PAPPU: but Sir!
Where Did People Stay
Before The Law Was
Passed ? ;->

baby is born in Africa

If a baby is born in
Wh8 will b the color of
the baby’s teeth ?

Why U waste this much
time !
How will a new born
baby have teeth ? ;->

p E r F e C t L y “G” o_O “d”


M a Y

b E

“b” “A” “d” !!!

B u T …


a M

p E r F e C t L y

“G” o_O “d”

A t

I t … [;->