If kisses were water

If kisses were water, I will give u sea.
If hugs were leaves, I will give u a tree.
If u luv a planet, I will give u a galaxy,
If friendship is life I will give u mine.

your kiss balance

Dear customer! your kiss balance is getting low!!
Please get somebody and recharge ur balance now!
u have 2 free kiss,
and 3minutes hug
& will be expired on 1st April 2007

baby is my dream

Kissing you baby is my dream.
Im the strawberry & ur the cream.
Handle me gently keep me real keen.
U & i together babes is passion so extreme

kisses Spread Germs

kisses Spread Germs.
Germs Are Hated…
Come On Baby Kiss Me,
Coz I”m Vaxinated

life is love

wat is life??
life is love
wat is love ??
love is kissin
wat is kissin ??
come 2 me i ll show u……love u jaan

Got a gift 4 u! No cost

Got a gift 4 u! No cost!

No batteries required! Tax free,

performs silently,

extremely personal! Fully returnable!

Its a hug from ME 2 U!!

Law of Kissing

Law of Kissing: Any kiss that has been kissed

can be rekissed if the kisser n the

kissee agree that d kiss which was kissed was a dam Gud kiss.

face to him

She lifted her face to him,

and he bent forward and kissed her on the mouth,

gently, with the one kiss that is an eternal pledge.

And as he kissed her his heart strained again in his breast.

He never intended to love her. But now it was over.

He had crossed over the gulf to her,

and all that he had left behind had shrivelled and become void.;)))

I pressed my lips

I pressed my lips to yours, my love,

To taste your kiss so sweet

You held me for a minute, love,

And that moment so soon did fleet

A Kiss is a Noun

A Kiss is a :

Noun:It is common & proper.

Pronoun:”She” stands for it.

Verb:It is active & passive:

Adverb:Makes an explanation.

Conjunction:It brings together & connects.

Intergetion:It shows a sudden strong feeling.

Proposition:It has an object.