Sardar Wrote BILL GATES

Sardar Wrote BILL GATES
Abt PCS & WINDOWS Problmz

1- My Child Learnd
MS WORD Nw He Wants

2 – Find Only RE-CYCLE
I Need It, As I Owe A
Vespa Scooter

3 – I See MS OFFICE But I
Need MS HOME, As I Use
PC At Home

4 – Finaly, Howz Dat
Ur Name Is GATES But
U r Selling WINDOWS … ;->

Dirtiest Message Of All Tym

Dirtiest Message Of All Tym …..

Sardar g In a Plane
Feels Vomiting & ask 4 a
Vomit Bag, Air Hostess
Gives Him The Bag After
Few Minutes When She
Comes Back Evry1 Was
Vomiting Except Sardar g
She Was Surprisd & Askd
Sardar g In Sab ko Kia Hua?”
Sardar g: “Me Ulti Kiti Ena Lokan
Nu Buri Lagi Te Me Wapis Pee Gya … ”