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Guess The Body Parts
1. A Thing That A Carpenter Use
2. Something That A Shoe Has
3. Name Of An Airlines
4. Excess Of Anything
5. Symbol Of Love
6. Defence People Base Known As
7. An Animal Like Rabbit Which Runs Fast
8. An Evergreen Tree Of Warm Region
9. One Side Of A Coin
10. Looks Like Walnut
11. Something That A Table Has
12. What Do U Call Yourself

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celebrate shakkkkk day


AP Ko Muj Pay Kya Shak Hai. .?

1: I Always Straighten My Hair?
2: I Am A Flirty Person?
3: I Am Shokhy N Loud?
4: Cheater?
5: I Am A Control Freak?
6: I Ll Do Love Marriage?
7: I Am A Nervous Girl?
8: Cant Keep Secrets?
9: Have Lots Of Friends?
10: I M Infact Proudy?
11: Dont Trust U?
12: I Am Bewafa?
13: I Am Not What I Seem To Be?
14: I Am Over Confident Of Myself?
15: I Am In Love With Someone?
Be Frank…
U Can Tick More Than One Options…
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