inteligence test by paf (pakistan air force)

Inteligence Test By P.A.F (Pakistan Air Force)
1) Wo kya cheez hy jo khayi bhi jati hy or pee bhi jati hy?
2) Wo kon sa mulk hy jahan 6 mahiney din or 6 mahiney raat rehti hy?
3) Baraf k makano main rehney waley log kya kehlaatey hain?
4) Duniya main sab se zyada kon sa khel khela jata hy?
5) Wo kon sa janwar hy jo pani main peda hota hy or khushki pe rehta hy?
Ans !!!

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inteligence test by paf (pakistan air force) , 4.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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    tell me question with answer

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