Awesome Quotes By Famous People

Awesome Quotes :

• Shakespeare.
“Never Play With The Feelings Of
Others Because You May Win The
Game But The Risk Is That You’ll
Surely Lose The Person For A Life

• Napoleon.
“The World Suffers A Lot.
Not Because 0f The Violence 0f
Bad People, But Because 0f
The Silence 0f Good People!”

• Einstein.
“I m Thankful To All Those Who
Said “NO” To Me It’s Because 0f
Them I Did It Myself.”

• Abraham Lincoln.
“If Friendship Is Your Weakest
Point Then You Are The Strongest
Person In The World.”

• William Arthur.
“Opportunities Are Like Sunrises,
If You Wait Too Long You Can Miss

• Hitler.
“When You Are In The Light,
Everything Follows You, But When
You Enter Into The Dark, Even
Your Own Shadow Doesn’t Follow