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dono sawalon ka jawab eik hi hona chahiye

Challange For You.
Fill in the Blanks Lekin Yaad Rahy
Dono Sawalon ka Jawab Eik Hi Hona Chahiye.

1. Badsha Ne Qameez Kyun Nahi Pehni?
2. Gosht Kyun Nahi khaya?
Qameez ka _____ nahi tha,
Gosht ____ nahi tha.

1.Wazeer Ne parda kyun nahi Silwaya?
2.Murga Kyun nahi Khareda?
Parda ____ nahi tha,
Murga ____ nahi tha.

1.Shehzadi Ne Halwa kyun Nahi Khaya?
2.Kahani Kyun nahi Parhi?
Halway kay Saath ____ nahi thi,
Kahani ____ Nahi thi.

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a boy forgot his pin code

Solve dis!
A boy forgot his
pin-code which was of 5 digits,
but luckily he remembered some hints how to 2 remind that password,
here are those clues.

1.first digit is equal to the square of second digit

2.second plus 3rd digit are equal to 10

3.4th digit equal to the 2nd digit plus 1

4.5th plus 3rd digit make 14

5.sum of all the five digit make 30.

Find the pin code
Let see how is your math…? ;->

Answer : 93747
Hint: Number is ABCDE ( A = B^2, B+C = 10, D = B +1, C+E = 14, A+B+C+D+E = 30)

a woman shoots her husband

Riddle 4 u !

A woman shoots her
husband. Then she holds
him under water for over
5 minutes. Finally, she
hangs him. But 5 minutes
later they both go out and
enjoy a wonderful dinner

How can this be?

Answer Updated :

She took a picture of him (shoots a picture.)
Then she held the picture/film under water to develop.
Finally she hung the picture to dry.